Hi! I’m Jonatan Garibay. Mexican. Born in Modesto, CA. Raised in Turlock, CA. Currently living between Union City, CA and Santa Cruz, CA.

I am an 19 year old Mexican guy who attends the University of California, Santa Cruz as a Film & Digital Media/General Psychology double major.

This OBVIOUSLY means that any film I recommend WILL be great and I’ll be able to tell you WHY you’ll think so, too. DuhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHhhh.

I work at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. It’s bae and amazing. It’s where the picture above was taken lmao.

I’m not really much for biographies on the internet but besides the basic stuff that I mentioned above and on my description, I’m just your average simpleton with dreams the size of Kendrick Lamar’s prayed-on dick size.

But above all else, I’m a media nerd. If you follow this blog you will be guaranteed a lot of music, film, shows, video games, anime, and arts shit all on your dash. You will also be guaranteed some left-wing thoughts, too. It’s like an amalgamated clusterfuck of geekiness and indie-ness all into one. It’s super-duper as fuck, bruh.

I would apologize to those that may not like this but like, yo, these outlets in life are what make the world go round. They inspire and they compel - at least they do for me. The thought of pinpointing that one fragmented thought in your mind to then create it into its tangible reality for the world to experience… That’s incredible.

Someday I hope to do the same, regardless of how hopelessly inept I may feel one day as opposed to feeling extremely confident in myself, another. Tis’ a struggle, peeps.

But alas, get to know me :)